Services & activities

Consulting and planning Comunication and Radio projects in the country and abroad
Radio Systems Integration
Service centers
Military and defense projects Military הגדרות של military שם תואר of, relating to, or characteristic of soldiers or armed forces. both leaders condemned the buildup of military activity מילים נרדפות: fighting, service, army, armed, defense, martial שם עצם the armed forces of a country. as a young man he joined the military and pursued a career in the Army מילים נרדפות: (armed) forces, services, militia, army, navy, air force, marines ראה גם military תרגומים של military שם תואר צְבָאִי military, martial, combatant, warlike חַיָלִי soldierly, military מִלחַמתִי military, warlike, militant, combatant שם עצם צָבָא army, military, armed forces, troops
Sales and system integration business and private sector
Rental radios
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