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שם המוצר: FT-450


יצרן: Vertex


תכונות מיוחדות:

The real DX Receiver

The 67.899 MHz 4 pole roofing filter (MCF) and 8 band-pass filters at the RF state provide excellent suppressions of out-of-band interference

World Class Performance in an easy-to-operate HF/50 MHz transceiver package with Yaesu's unique IF DSP.


Independent fast IF SHIFT control

Functions for eliminating interference together with IF SHIFT

Digital microphone equalizer

DSP VOX operation

Two voice memories

Digital voice announcement function

Outstanding CW features

Operate anywhere using optional internal or external antenna tuning systems!

Large informative front panel display with convenient control knobs and switches

The rugged aluminum die-cast chassis with large cooling fan is made for your heavy-duty, long and high power operation



תחום תדרים Rx:
30kHz – 56 MHz (operating)160 – 6 m (specified performance, Amateur bands only)Tx:160 – 6 m (Amateur bands only)
קפיצות ערוצים 10 Hz (SSB & CW), 100Hz (AM & FM)
יציבות תדר ±1 ppm/hour (+25°C, after warmup)
סוג איפנון A1A (CW), A3E(AM), J3E(LSB, USB), F3E(FM)
התנגדות אנטנה 50Ω, unbalamced
מתח עבודה DC 13.8 V ±10%
צריכת זרם RX: (signal present) 1.5A

Tx: (100W) 22A

טמפרטורת עבודה -10°C – +50°C
גודל (עומק X רוחב X גובה) 229 X 84 X 217 mm
משקל 3.6 kg
Power Output 100W (25W AM carrier)
סוג איפנון J3E (SSB): Balanced

A3E (AM): low-Level (Early Stage)

F3E (FM): Variable Reactance)

דיוויאציה מקסימלית ±5.0 kHz / ±2.5KHz
Harmonic Radiation Better than -60dB (160 – 10m Amateur bands)

Better than -70dB (6m Amateur bands)

SSB Carrier Suppression At least than -60dB below peak output
Undesired Sideband Suppression At least than -60dB below peak output
Audio Response (SSB) Not more than -6dB from 400 to 2600 Hz
התנגדות מקרופון 600Ω (200 to 10KΩ)
סוג מעגל Double-conversion superheterodyne
תדרי IF (Intermediate Frequencies) 1st: 67.899MHz

2nd: 24kHz

רגישות SSB (2.4 kHz, 10dB S+N/N)

0.25 µV (1.8 – 2.0 MHz)

0.25 µV (3.5 – 30 MHz)

0.20 µV (50 – 54 MHz)

AM (6kHz, 10dB S+N/N, 30% modulation @400Hz)

2.00 µV (1.8 – 2.0 MHz)

2.00 µV (3.5 – 30 MHz)

1.00 µV (50 – 54 MHz)

FM(BW: 15 kHz, 12dB SINAD)

0.50 µV (28 – 30 MHz)

0.30 µV (50 – 54 MHz)

There is no specification in frequency ranges not listed.

רגישות משתק SSB/CW/AM:

2.50 µV (1.8 – 30 MHz)

1.00 µV (50 – 54 MHz)


0.32 µV (28 – 30 MHz)

0.16 µV (50 – 54 MHz)

סלקטיביות CW:

-6dB: 0.5kHz or better

-60dB: 2.0 kHz or less


-6dB: 2.2kHz or better

-60dB: 4.5 kHz or less


-6dB: 6 kHz or better

-60dB: 20 kHz or less


-6dB: 15kHz or better

-60dB: 30 kHz or less


-6dB: 9kHz or better

-60dB: 25 kHz or less

Image Rejection 80 dB or better (160 – 10m Amateur bands)

65 dB or better (6m Amateur bands)

Maximum Audio Output 2.2W into 4Ω with 10% THD
Audio Output Impedance 4 to 16 Ω (8Ω:nominal)
Conducted Radiation Less than 400 µµW


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