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מפרט טכני

שם המוצר: G-450A


יצרן: Vertex



600 kgf-cm Rotation Torque
3000 kgf-cm Braking Torque
Continuous load 100 kg or less

(Instantaneous load 300 kg)

Maximum Vertical load
φ32 to φ 63 (center protrudes by φ 48 to φ 52) Mast Outside Diameter
450° Rotation Range
63 seconds at 50 Hz, 51 seconds at 60 Hz 360° Rotation Time
Mechanical stopper Braking Type
100 Antenna K Coefficient
Pole type : 0.5 M2 x 0.5 m

Tower type: 1M2

Wind Loading Area
3 minutes Maximum Continuous Duty
0 ~ 40 °C: Controller Operating Temperature Range
φ186 x 263, approx. 3.5 kg Rotor Dimensions and Weight
190 (W) x 125 (H) x 150(D), approx. 2.7 kg

Power Supply

Controller Dimensions and Weight
AC 100 ~ 120 V, 50 ~ 60 Hz Power Supply Voltage
0.5 A Power Supply Current Consumption


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