MEDIORNET Real-Time Media Network

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MEDIORNET Real-Time Media Network

MediorNet – Real-Time Network for Video, Audio, Data


MediorNet unleashes the true potential of fiber-optic signal transport, which will finally result in a completely new philosophy for broadcast, event, stadium and campus installations.

MediorNet is the next step forward in fiber-based signal transport. It combines

signal transport


signal processing and conversion

into one integrated real-time network solution.

MediorNet offers a real network solution providing more than just simple point-to-point links. This includes signal routing, allowing the user to send any incoming signal to any output or even to multiple outputs with just a mouse-click or, even more conveniently, by using a router control system. As a result, MediorNet increases the flexibility of any installation while significantly reducing cabling and set-up time. MediorNet eliminates the need for re-wiring when production setups change.

MediorNet also includes integrated broadcast-quality processing and conversion features like Frame Store / Frame Synchronizers and Embedders/De-Embedders at any input/output. These features are software-based so they can easily be expanded in the future without any hardware changes. Ultimately this will eliminate the need for external devices. All this results in a completely new approach to production environments, providing significant savings in infrastructure investments.

The MediorNet product line includes MediorNet Modular and MediorNet Compact: MediorNet Modular is a completely modular system that can be tailored to meet the customer‘s demands and the exact application needs, while MediorNet Compact is a cost-effective all-in-one box solution. Of course, both models are 100% compatible and can be easily networked within the same installation.

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