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NX -3220/3320

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NX -3220/3320

This versatile handheld radio supports both NXDN® and DMR digital protocols as well as mixed digital & FM analog

operation, enabling it to serve with distinction in a wide range of enterprise and operation critical applications. Compact

yet designed with durability in mind, it’s packed with convenient features like Bluetooth® for hands-free operation and

built-in GPS. Three different models are available: Full Keypad model with LCD, Standard Keypad model with LCD and a

large 4-way D-pad, and the Basic Model without LCD or keypad. Additionally, for expansion capability a software license

certification system facilitates extensive customizatio

1 Watt Audio Output Power

UHF: 120 MHz capability

Available models: Full Keypad (w/ LCD and full

keypad), Standard Keypad (w/ LCD and 4-way large

D-pad/4 key), and Basic (w/o LCD and keypad)


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