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Performer C3 Digital Beltpack Headset Station

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Performer C3 Digital Beltpack Headset Station

שם המוצר: Performer C3 Digital Beltpack Headset Station


יצרן: Riedel



The Performer C3 is an ergonomically shaped, fully digital 2-channel beltpack that includes all the standard features from conventional analogue party line systems including daisy-chaining. The beltpack uses high quality digital audio providing noise- and hum-free signals. Extensive DSP signal processing provides perfect side tone-nulling and excellent intelligibility in applications with very high ambient noise levels. The C3 has three XLR connectors, one for headset, one for signal input and one for signal loop through, which can also be used as an additional analogue program input.


Operation is extremely convenient. Two large rotary level controls on the top of the C3 adjust the listen volumes for CH-A and CH-B. Pushing on the A or B volume control toggles talk on/off with momentary/latching operation to the respective channel and includes talk LED indication. The C3 is easy to configure and features also a call send button. A bright call light indicates an incoming call to all daisy-chained Performer devices.


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